Rates Spring 2023

Family Registration Fee …………………… $30.00 (non-refundable)
For family discount, siblings with the least number of class hours receive a 20% discount
and max out at the 4-hour rate.

Monthly Tuition Rates are based on weekly hours of classes registered for.

1.0 Hour Per Week   –  $85.00 Per Month

1.5 Hours Per Week – $115.00 Per Month

2.0 Hours Per Week – $140.00 Per Month

2.5 Hours Per Week – $165.00 Per Month

3.0 Hours Per Week – $190.00 Per Month

3.5 Hours Per Week – $210.00 Per Month

4.0 Hours Per Week – $235.00 Per Month

4.5 Hours Per Week – $255.00 Per Month

5.0 Hours Per Week – $280.00 Per Month

5.5 Hours Per Week – $300.00 Per Month

6.0 Hours Per Week – $320.00 Per Month

6.5 Hours Per Week – $340.00 Per Month

7.0 Hours Per Week – $360.00 Per Month

Solo Lessons
0.5 Hour – $50.00 Per Class        Duo/Trio Lessons -Additional $25 for 2nd and 3rd student
1.0 Hour – $80.00 Per Class

Tuition 2023

Rhythm Street does not send invoices as to when tuition is due.  Tuition is payable on a bi-monthly basis.  Payments are due at the time of registration and before the first class of the months of Jan, March, and May.  If payment is not received by the 9th of the month, a $20.00 late charge will be applied.  There is also a $35.00 charge for returned checks.  There will be no deductions in tuition for absent lessons.  Tuition not paid by the third class of the month will result in the dismissal of the student.  The student will be allowed to return to class when tuition is brought up to date.  Payments can be placed in the tuition drop lot directly under the bulletin board by the office.  If the name on the check does not match the last name of the student, please put the student’s name on the check.


Regular attendance is essential for your child’s progress.  There will be no deductions in tuition for absent lessons, regardless of the reason.  However, make-up classes will be provided if a one-week notice is given prior to the absence.  If the student does not attend the makeup class then it is no longer the studio’s responsibility.

Notice of a child dropping a class must be given in writing, two weeks prior to the cancellation.  Failure to give sufficient notice will result in space being reserved and being responsible for payments and late charges.  Please keep in mind that we hold a space for your child whether or not he or she attends.

Attire For Class

All students are required to wear proper attire for classes. Girls’ attire for jazz and tap classes must be leotards and tights or dance pants; boys should wear dance pants and shirts or warm-up suits. Please do not wear T-shirts, baggy pants, or any other garments that may hinder the instructor’s observation of proper movement and body alignment. Attire for ballet classes must be a solid color, short or long sleeve leotard with ballet pink tights. Ballet wrap skirts may also be worn. All students must have the proper dance shoes required for their classes in order to participate. Ballet shoes must be pink. Tap shoes must be black. Jazz shoes must be tan. Hair should be pulled back from the face for all classes.


Class placement is based according to the age, ability, experience, and ambition of the student.  We want every student to feel challenged without being overwhelmed.  This will ensure maximum progress and enjoyment for the student and the entire class.  If for any reason, you feel your child is not in the correct class, please notify the instructor by placing a note in the drop-box.


Rhythm Street will hold a recital in June.  Students must attend the dress rehearsal in order to participate in the recital.

Recital Fee

There is a recital fee of $70.00 per family that is applied to help cover the expenses of the auditorium rental, technicians, videographers, sets, props, etc.  Each family will be issued four recital tickets for each show the student participates in and a digital copy of the recital.  Additional tickets may be purchased at the studio or at the auditorium.


If students choose to be in the recital, they will be required to purchase a costume.  Costume costs average between $50.00 and $90.00 each.  The costumes usually will require some alterations and each parent is responsible for their child’s costume.  The orders are placed in December or January to ensure timely delivery by June.  Full payment will be required before the costume orders will be placed.


No classes will be held on Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday thru Sunday), Fairfax County Winter Break, Fairfax County Spring Break, and Memorial Day.  These days are not made up.

Inclement Weather Closings

Please call the studio during inclement weather for a recorded message.  The message will explain if we are closed or not.  We do not follow the Fairfax County Public School’s decision to close.

Pick-Up and Drop Off

Students are required to wear street clothes over their dance clothes when going to and from the studio.  All students should arrive with enough time to be dressed properly for class before their class starts.  Please ask your child to stay inside the studio after class while waiting to be picked up.  We do not want any children waiting outside the studio.

Parents should make every effort to pick up children on time.  It is important to remember that no supervision takes place for your child once the class has ended.